Bones Pet Care | The dog who stole the Pet Sitter’s heart | Durham, NC

In 2004, I went to the Durham APS looking to adopt a new member of our family.  Looking down the row, almost near the back, I saw this scrappy little black dog tap dancing and smiling and sneezing.  I was totally in love from first sight.  I asked to see him, and he ran into the room, crawled into my lap, and flipped over for a belly rub.  I named him Barnabee and brought him home.

He has been such a wonderful addition to my life.  Always eager to please, his initial smile got more and more cheesy over the years as he learned that it made me happy.  I love coming home from a day of pet sitting to see this funny face.  He makes us smile all the time, and I hope you get a kick out of seeing Barnabee smile at you.

Bones Pet Care | A Pet Sitter’s Adventures in WordPress | Durham, NC

It’s been a fun month here at Bones Pet Care.  In between a busy July pet sitting, we’ve been revamping the web site.  I had previously only used drag and drop software, so WordPress was an interesting adventure.  It took us two books and many, many hours, but we are proud to have an updated and fully responsive mobile site for our clientele.  At first, I was totally lost.  No more could I pull things around as I pleased–now I had a template to deal with. It took many tries to find a good fit.  Then, I poured through the book, learning how to work widgets and learning all about SEO.

One of the things I love most about being a small business owner is the constant adventure and learning that comes with the territory.  You have to wear all the hats, and it gives me a chance to try out new skills.  I have a natural curiosity and a love of learning, so I really enjoy the process of learning something new.  Yes, it’s a little frustrating at times but when you finally achieve success it’s a great feeling.

July has been filled with lots of pet visits.  I always really enjoy visiting old friends and making new ones.  Seeing the animals leap and dance about with joy at my visits makes any day that much better.  I’ve had lots of chances to take snap shots with my buddies.  I hope you will follow along with all the cute animal pictures.  We are new to social media, and I’m really enjoying the ability to interact with my clients and share with them the love I have for their pets.

We hope you enjoy the new Bones Pet Care web site.  Thanks for being a part of it, and for allowing us to have the greatest job in the world!


Bones Pet Care | Association of Pet Sitting Excellence | Durham, NC

Durham Pet Sitting

I am always interested in being a part of professional groups for professional pet sitters.  I recently found out about an organization that is gaining a good reputation among professional pet sitters called the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence.  They have tons of information on the business end of pet sitting, which is great.

Loving animals is a requirement in this field, but you also have to run a good business.  That often means wearing every hat from marketing consultant, web site designer, office manager, to tax accountant.  If you don’t know how to do something, you have to learn.  I’ve been taking advantage of the resources the APSE provides to help me improve my business.  From webinars to e-books, I’m getting a lot of ideas to improve my business to make it a great experience for my clients.  We are proud to be a member of the ASPE.  Even after a decade owning my own business, there’s always more to learn.

Bones Pet Care | Professional Pet Sitting Defined | Durham, NC

Hi, and welcome to Bones Pet Care.  I’m Christa and I’ve been a professional pet sitter for over a decade.  When people ask me what I do, they often seem unsure of what professional pet sitting really is.  They often confuse it with non-professionals who walk dogs or watch pets for a little extra money on the weekends or for friends.  So what sets a professional pet sitter apart?

One of the most important tools of a pro is a great online scheduling system.  This provides an easy way to keep reservations and client data in one place.  It allows us to easily see what we need to do and where we need to be for the day.  Being able to send confirmations of bookings also gives the clients peace of mind.  Having the confirmation means they are set and ready to head out of town with no worries of their pet being left alone by accident.

Another important tool that a professional has is specialized pet sitting insurance.  This helps cover any liability in case of an accident or injury to the client’s pet or home.  While all pros strive to keep everything safe and sound, it’s always nice to know that protection is in place should something go wrong.  Most professionals are also bonded, which is a special policy that protect someone in the case of employee theft.

The third, and by no means any less important, is experience.  A professional has seen it all and knows what to do.  If your dog has a belly ache, they will know when to call you and suggest chicken and rice, or when to call the vet.  They know health problems to watch out for, hazards to avoid when out walking, and they stay educated on the latest information in the industry and all things pet related.

I’ve often been called at the last minute when someone didn’t hire a professional, or when the non-pro got into a situation they couldn’t handle.  It costs a little bit more to hire a professional, but when you think about how important it is to protect your home and pets, your pet care may not be the best place to cut corners.  I hope you will be sure to hire a professional pet sitter the next time you head out of town.