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Hi, and welcome to Bones Pet Care.  I’m Christa and I’ve been a professional pet sitter for over a decade.  When people ask me what I do, they often seem unsure of what professional pet sitting really is.  They often confuse it with non-professionals who walk dogs or watch pets for a little extra money on the weekends or for friends.  So what sets a professional pet sitter apart?

One of the most important tools of a pro is a great online scheduling system.  This provides an easy way to keep reservations and client data in one place.  It allows us to easily see what we need to do and where we need to be for the day.  Being able to send confirmations of bookings also gives the clients peace of mind.  Having the confirmation means they are set and ready to head out of town with no worries of their pet being left alone by accident.

Another important tool that a professional has is specialized pet sitting insurance.  This helps cover any liability in case of an accident or injury to the client’s pet or home.  While all pros strive to keep everything safe and sound, it’s always nice to know that protection is in place should something go wrong.  Most professionals are also bonded, which is a special policy that protect someone in the case of employee theft.

The third, and by no means any less important, is experience.  A professional has seen it all and knows what to do.  If your dog has a belly ache, they will know when to call you and suggest chicken and rice, or when to call the vet.  They know health problems to watch out for, hazards to avoid when out walking, and they stay educated on the latest information in the industry and all things pet related.

I’ve often been called at the last minute when someone didn’t hire a professional, or when the non-pro got into a situation they couldn’t handle.  It costs a little bit more to hire a professional, but when you think about how important it is to protect your home and pets, your pet care may not be the best place to cut corners.  I hope you will be sure to hire a professional pet sitter the next time you head out of town.

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