Pet Sitting Rates
No hidden fees for anything (and we mean it!) 

Your customized visits are all inclusive and include all care for your pets, house sitting tasks, walks, medications, plant watering and more during your selected visit time.

Overnight Pet Sitting (8pm-7am)

 60 minutes

 Dog Walking Discount Packages
Dog walking only please.  

Usable on 11am-3pm Monday-Friday walks.
Price for 1 dog.  $1.00 each additional dog.

Dog Walking 6 pack

$19.25 per 30 minutes

Dog Walking 12 pack

$19.00 per 30 minutes

Dog Walking 24 pack

$18.75 per 30 minutes

Dog walking Mega 50 Pack

18.50 per 30 minutes


Vacation Pet Sitting Service

Keep your pet comfy at home.  Our customized in-home pet sitting visits are all inclusive:  feeding, fresh water, walking, litter box scooping, and lots of cuddles, play time, and love are all included with no additional fees.  House services such as bringing in the mail, curbing the trash, and watering  plants are also provided at your request with no additional charge.  During our free consultation, we will customize the visit to your pet’s personality and needs and take note of any house sitting tasks you’ll need while you are away.  Enjoy time-stamped electronic notes and pictures in your in-box from your pet sitter so you will know how much fun your pet is having while you are away.

Dog Walking Service

Treat your pooch to the very best.  Our 20 and 30 minute price include a full visit exercise dog walk for growing and adult dogs.  Very young puppy visits include 1-2 potty breaks, play time, and cuddles until they are old enough to begin walking.  Service is rain or shine and offered seven days a week.  Enjoy electronic notes from your dog walker so you’ll know what time your pooch was walked and how much fun your pet had while you were at work.  The very best Durham and Raleigh dog walking service!

Exotic Pet Sitting Service

We have experience in caring for exotics such as rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, hermit crabs, and reptiles.  We provide 20 minute pet sitting visits for exotics at our base price unless very specialized care is required.  Please get in touch if you have a pet with specialized needs.