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The other day, I was having one of those days.  You know, you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, somebody cuts you off and you almost wreck…  that kind of day.  Then, I started my work day rounds and I started to feel better and better.  Every time I come through the door, there’s a happy animal on the other side.

Horus telling me to hurry up.
Horus telling me to hurry up.

I started my day with Horus and Osiris, two cats that are 19 years old.  Those cats love to eat more than any cats I have ever know.  They come running and talk to me saying “Hurry up, Lady!”  After they get breakfast, it’s time for petting.  After they had their fill of attention, I cared for the house bringing in the mail and watering the garden.

Next on my list was to start my dog walking routine with Jackson, the cutest white bull dog you have ever seen.  I get all kinds of wags and kisses upon arrival.  He doesn’t take the heat well, so it’s a shorter walk for him and then inside for play and pets.  Although I don’t normally let people pet the dogs I’m walking, I’ve been walking Jackson since he was 6 months old, I know him well enough that I break the rules.  Because he’s so dang cute, everyone loves him and wants to pet him all the time.

I’ve got three in the same apartment complex thanks to referrals, so I can walk across the street for yet another Jackson.  I call him Jax though to keep the Jacksons separated.  It must have been a popular

Jax "I'm sitting for this picture, but then we walk, right?"
Jax “I’m sitting for this picture, but then we walk, right?”

name a few years ago.  Jax loves to get a super long walk, even in the heat.  I keep an eye on him, but he tolerates the heat well.  He adores me to pieces and his walk time means the world to him.

I’m only a few pet sits into my day at this point.  I usually do 8-10 pet sits depending on the day.  Pet sitting to me is about making the animals happy and communicating to the pet guardians that their pets are being loved and cared for in their absence.  I know how hard it is for me to leave my crew in someone else’s hands.  It’s natural to worry about hiring someone to care for your beloved pet, and I understand that.  That’s why I really love our new system of real-time notes.  We can communicate what is going on at the dog walk or pet sit to the pet parent right away.  However, if they are busy enjoying their trip, they can always check the note later on their own time, or not depending on their preference.  Even long term clients who know me well and trust me really enjoy getting the notes.  I think it is fun to actually hear about the visit and even see pictures in real time.

Being able to make the animals happy and the pet parents feel good makes me feel happy.  I am really lucky to be able to something that I love so much.  Pet sitting is more than just a job–it’s a central part of who I am.  The animals bring me great joy, and I try my best to return the favor.


Christa Sharp
A professional pet sitter in Durham, NC
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