pet sitting raleigh nc Bones Pet Care specializes in Raleigh NC pet sitting services. We’re your one-stop shop for catering to your pet in your absence. From pet sitting to dog walking service, we can fill in the gaps when you and your animal need it most.

We work with an array of pets and far exceed owners’ expectations. We don’t work to simply tackle a checklist of to-dos. Rather, we enjoy the care we provide and approach it more as a fun opportunity. Ensuring your pet’s basic needs are met is the standard, but we rise above every time. In fact, it’s a more accurate picture when you imagine our time with your pet as a play date.

We offer an irreplaceable service. Committed to the happiness and well-being of your pet, we don’t make special arrangements for him/her; we make special arrangements for ourselves in which we come to your home. Not asking your animal to adapt to new surroundings is one less thing to worry about. In this respect, and many others, we surpass the facilities of a traditional kennel.

With your pet in our care, we’ll make sure he’s right at home while you’re away. We’ll learn how he likes to play, where he likes to sleep, in addition to what he eats, and so forth, and we’ll take it from there. Our pet sitting services are personal and genuine. We aren’t people who like animals for work. We are people who like work because it’s for animals. Honestly, we’ll enjoy the time as much as your pet does.

So next time you’re considering going away for the weekend without your dog, cat, or what have you, don’t think twice about it on account of needing animal care. We have you covered. It will be a wonderful experience all around. Serving the Raleigh- Durham area of North Carolina, we love on local pets one house at a time.