raleigh pet sitters If you had to choose one standout quality of a pet sitting business, would it involve availability, skills, or credentials? We’re here to ease your mind and offer you all three and more. Bones Pet Care serves pet lovers of Raleigh and Durham, making it a stress-free choice to hire care for your animals. Take the guesswork out of what type of environment your pet will be exposed to while you’re gone and bring in a member of our team.

There are many reasons to call in a pet sitter. Whether it’s a vacation, long working hours, or an overnight stay somewhere that’s keeping you away, we’ll come to your house and entertain your furry loved one until you return. Dogs, cats, rabbits, lizards, even hermit crabs… no animal is too small to receive our love and attention.

We follow precise instructions and will do our best to fill your shoes for the time being. When we pet sit for you, you’ll know you’ll come home to find your little companion as happy as you left him/her. In fact, pets usually enjoy the extra special attention, so they sometimes benefit just as much as the owner, getting a mini staycation of their own. While we adore your pet, we can also water your plants, collect your mail, and handle other minor household tasks. Last but not least, we will keep you updated on how well things are going via email. Wouldn’t it warm your heart to see a picture of your lap dog passed out after a game of tug-of-war?

Not only do pet owners sometimes struggle with having to leave their pets, but they also worry about with whom and where to leave them. Let Bones Pet Care, a reliable pet sitting business in the Raleigh/ Durham area, show you that it doesn’t have to be a dreaded ordeal. It can be a win-win for you and your pet.