pet sitters raleigh Do you know what’s better than the service of overnight pet sitting? It’s overnight pet sitting in your own home. With you away, your pet already has to adapt, so why make him adapt to a new environment at the same time? Bones Pet Care of Raleigh NC is here to give you the best solution. We come to you and stay with your pet within his normal surroundings and provisions.

This way, he’ll be relaxed and open to our companionship. After all, we’re not there to give him only basic care. We come ready to play with and love on your furry (or furless) friend. It’s an arrangement that works for all involved – you, us, and of course, the little one who steals the show.

There are many times when pet owners have to leave their pets overnight. It can be hard enough just facing the fact, but adding to the mix the need to trust a stranger with your animal is not always easy. Not to mention, there are concerns for the financial burden. Let Bones Pet Care ease your fears. Our overnight sitting is of both quality and affordability. First and foremost is the level of service we provide. Taking optimal care of your animal is our primary concentration. Offering reasonable rates is subsequent. With that being said, you can give us a chance to befriend your pet and show you we’re true to what we do, and you won’t have to worry about any more traveling plans.

In fact, we’ll look forward to them, and your pet will enjoy the time, as well. You’ll catch glimpses into our days through the photos we send you. A picture of a happy pup will be all you need to know you made the right choice. If you live in Durham or the surrounding area and are interested in overnight pet sitting services, we would be glad to answer your questions once and for all.