It is a misconception that cats do not require specialized care.  At Bones Pet Care, we take our time to create a bond with each cat we care for.  Whether you have a total lap kitty, a catnip fanatic, or a playful pouncer, we will be sure to create a special care routine for your special feline.


Our customized cat sitting visits include feeding, fresh water, litter box scooping, play time, and petting.  At no additional charge, we can bring in the mail and paper, curb your trash, and water your plants and garden.  All of our pet professionals are conscientious about washing plates and bowls, sweeping up, and keeping things tidy for your return.


We offer two lengths of visits so that you may choose the length of time best suited to your pet and household needs.  Each visit begins with a  GPS time stamped check in, ends with a GPS time stamped check out, and we send a real-time professional pet visit journal and pictures to your inbox so you can know how much fun your kitty is having while you are away.  Easily book online and opt to pay with your debit or credit card.  Your pet care is now the easiest part of any trip.

20 Minute Visit
$2 per additional pet


30 Minute Visit

$2 per additional pet


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