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Get a bunch of pet sitters together, and eventually at some point as the hours pass a passionate discussion will erupt over… cat litter.  Yes, it’s true.  Scoop boxes all day long, and you will develop strong feelings toward different types of litter.  Some you will hate, and some you will be nodding in quiet approval over when first shown the location of the box.  For our first product feature ever in this blog, I am going to break down the good, the bad, and the ugly on cat litter.

Who’s our first contender?  Let’s start in the category we all love to hate–scoop-able litter.  Yes, it’s dusty but what’s so great about scoop-able is it’s just so easy.  Once or twice a day you can scoop it all out and you are left with a fresh clean box.  No more dumping out that old litter pan once a week with all that ammonia smell lurking around your home.  My very favorite scoop-able litter award goes to… (drumroll please…)

Fresh Step Cat Litter
Fresh Step Unscented

Fresh Step takes the award for my favorite scoop-able.  It clumps well, so there’s no broken clumps to worry about.  It’s not as dusty as some other brands, which is a bonus.  I personally do not like the scent in scented cat litters, so the unscented is my favorite.  The perfumes can also be irritating to cats, so I would always lean toward an unscented if possible anyway.  And, price wise Fresh Step is a very affordable scoop-able litter.  Overall, I give it 4/5 stars and the top award in this category.



What if you want something a little more eco friendly?  Something without all that irritating dust that you could still scoop?  In the eco-friendly scoop-able category, we have our second runner-up.

Swheat ScoopSwheat Scoop

While Sweat Scoop doesn’t clump very tightly (and I mean really, really not tightly so be prepared for a task) it does an adequate enough job to be work able.  It’s environmentally friendly, is not dusty, and isn’t irritating to cats the way scoop-able litter is.  It’s also very easy to vacuum the crumbs for a nice clean area around the box.  Cats tend to take to it off of scoop-able without much fuss, which makes it easier to switch to unless your cat is very finicky.  Overall, I think it’s a great product and I give it a 4.5/5 stars as an eco-friendly scoop-able litter.



And now, finally, we are to my very favorite cat litter of all time.  The litter above all litters, the one that takes the cake for being environmentally friendly, easy to use, and best of all NO DUST is:

catFeline Pine Original

What’s not to love about Feline Pine?  It’s got great odor absorbent pellets that break into saw dust.  You can simply change it out once a week or shake the sawdust out depending on your preference.  Solids can easily be scooped off the top and flushed or composted.  It’s completely eco friendly, it’s not dusty or irritating like clay litter, and it absorbs odor like a champ.  Because of the way the pellets break down, a bag lasts a long time too.  Sometimes it can be hard to adjust finicky cats over to Feline Pine, but other than that it is a near perfect litter.  It gets a stellar 5/5 for overall best cat litter.


We hope you have enjoyed our Friday litter round up.  Remember, if you decide to try a new litter, switch your cats over to it by mixing it together so you don’t have any problems with your cat using the box.  Any litter preferences?  Let us know what you love by leaving a comment below.  Happy Friday, and keep those kitties happy and those boxes clean and tidy!

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